Dora is a trained Women’s health physiotherapist and is the co-founder of PhysioHealth Women’s, a specialty Women’s Health service within PhysioHealth. She has a special interest in pelvic health and is passionate about treating and educating women throughout their pregnancy, birth, postnatal recovery and the years beyond.

Dora works extensively with women that have pelvic floor related problems including incontinence, prolapse and sexual pain, in addition to rehabilitating pregnancy related pain including lower back and rib pain and assisting women with their postnatal recovery including returning back to exercise safely and mastitis. Dora uses a holistic and proactive treatment approach that combines hands on therapy, education and exercise therapy for optimal client centred care.

She strongly believes every woman should have a postnatal assessment after giving birth to be educated about their postnatal recovery including their pelvic floor, breastfeeding, caesarean scar management and safe return to exercise.

You can find Dora at Mt Waverley and Kew PhysioHealth Women’s clinics.