PhysioHealth congratulates Justin McEvoy on his road to Rio.

Justin F McEvoy is one of Australia’s most successful and enterprising physiotherapists. Justin graduated from Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences in 1988 and co-founded PhysioHealth in 1994 with old time swimming mate David Morarty.

Justin became a Master of Sports Physiotherapy (La Trobe Uni)  and a Sports titled Physiotherapist in 1998 and around this time reconnected with the sport of swimming. He has been physiotherapist on World Long Course and Short Course championships 2002-2015, Commonwealth Games 2014, and countless other National and International swimming events.

Moreover, he has trained and inspired many other PhysioHealth Physiotherapists to do likewise.

Name: Justin McEvoy

Age:  54

Married to: Jane. 3 Daughters – Rose 22, Lily 19, Alice 17

Graduated in: Physiotherapy – 1988

Masters in: Physiotherapy  – 1998

First Swim Team: Physio for VIS Nationals 1988

Footy Team: Mighty Swannies

Favourite Food: Steak

Favourite Music: U2

Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Most important ingredient for a sports physio: Communication skills

Biggest professional thrill: Selection for 2016 Rio Olympics

Looking forward to Rio for: Being able to see the Aussie flag hoisted at the pool