Physiohealth congratulates Steph Catley on her road to Rio.

Steph Catley’s rise in the sporting world has been meteoric and it could not be happening to a more deserved person. Steph has become the face female football in Australia sharing the cover of the popular EA Sport FIFA 16 game with Lionel Messi and Tim Cahill.

Ever humble Steph is driven by the desire to be the best and represent a country she loves and now become an Olympian. Living in Seaford, Steph commutes almost daily to and from Melbourne for training, S&C and treatment. Despite the hours of travel she chooses to stay at home with her family and beloved dog that keep her feet firmly on the ground.

Name: Steph Catley

Age: 22

Height:  171cm

Started serious training: Age 11-12

What are you looking forward to most at Olympics? Being at the same place at the same time with all of the best athletes in the world.

Best moment in soccer: My first world cup game was a special milestone for me as it was something I’d worked my entire career for. But going through a 5 game’s in 10 days Olympic qualifying tournament undefeated is the best feeling I’ve had in football so far.

Pre-match meal: Peanut butter toast with chopped banana on top

Favourite food: Smashed avocado and feta on sourdough bread with poached eggs 

Footy team: St Kilda

Best movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Music pre-match: Anything from Rudimental’s new album – We The Generation 

How will you unwind after Rio? Hopefully I’ll be riding the high of winning an Olympic medal as I’ll be heading straight back to my club in America (Orlando) to finish the season there.