Physiohealth congratulates Travis Mahoney on his road to Rio.

Travis Mahoney’s Olympic selection has been a long term project for himself and the Nunawading Swim Club. A very versatile swimmer who excels in many strokes and has a huge capacity for hard training, Travis was always suited by the gruelling 400 Individual Medley. With 100 m of each stroke the 400 IM is the ultimate test of endurance and all round talent and technique.

Over recent years Trav steadily climbed the rankings culminating in a spot on the Commonwealth Games in 2014 in Glasgow. Going into the 2016 trials in Adelaide Trav had to finish in the top 2 swimmers and also swim his best ever time to get under the cut throat selection time.

Age: 25

Height: 190 cm

Started serious training: Age 15

What are you looking forward to most at Olympics? “Racing at the pinnacle of live sport”

Best moment in swimming: Qualifying for the 2016 Olympics

Pre race meal: None in particular

Favourite food (not swimming related): Burgers. Love burgers

Footy team: Cats

Best movie: Pulp Fiction

Music pre race: Doesn’t listen to music

How will you unwind after Rio? Race World Shortcourse then maybe a holiday to New York