Laptop computers / Ipads are everywhere and so convenient to use however, there is a down side in relation to your neck and middle back. Many people suffer from headaches, neck and middle back pain from prolonged use of a laptop. This is usually due to poor posture and overuse. The rule is to keep the head in a neutral upright position Many of us tend to hunch forwards or bend the neck forward whilst using the laptop putting tremendous pressure on our neck and middle back joints

To reduce problems arising:

  1. Raise the height of the screen by placing your laptop on a couple of telephone books .This will reduce the amount of stoop whilst using the laptop.
  2. Use an adjustable office chair with a good lumbar support.
  3. Have regular breaks and  undertake regular stretches for spine and arms ( ask your physiotherapist)
  4. Connect to a large screen ,a keyboard and a proper mouse to your laptop when you are at home or at the office This will enable you to sit straight using your laptop