Sports Therapy & Muscle Recovery

The RecoveryPump delivers medical grade compression to help rid muscles of fatigue, soreness and
inflammation. Learn about the science behind sequential pneumatic compression therapy.

Top athletes and teams from virtually every sport imaginable are using the
RecoveryPump to keep an edge on the competiton.


     Superior Compression for Faster, More Effective Results

Compression sequence has everything to do with how effective a pneumatic (air) compression device will be at removing waste both quickly and efficiently.  Some devices fill and release chamber by chamber, while others fill the entire compression boot with air before deflating. This difference can have a significant impact on recovering a muscle in the shortest amount of time with the greatest result.

Sequential compression like the RecoveryPump is an effective therapy, where 1-2 hours per day will produce results compared to Rest taking 12-48 hours to achieve similar benefit.
With Sequential Compression each cycle of compression continuously offloads the venous system (entire limb) during a 30 to 40 second “milking” sequence, thus moving significantly more blood and ultimately waste product.