Using a combination of a variety of modalities Physiohealth are experts in high performance management. We understand the importance of minimizing the time off training while at the same making sure your return to training and play is done in a safe manner to minimize the risk of re-injury. We understand the dreams of the athlete and expectations of a coach.

Our team has been, and continues to be involved, with a number of different sports at the elite level, and through this exposure and experience help to achieve optimal high performance results for our clients by:


  1. Using the most reliable screening techniques and equipment
  2. Developing athlete and sport specific Injury prevention programmes (IPP)
  3. Specific Exercise programmes. By identifying your weakness and movement limitations our physiotherapists quickly implement strategies through a robust strengthening program to correct these deficiencies.
  4. Using a combination of treatment modalities such as Hands on physiotherapy; electrotherapy and sport specific rehabilitation ensure you return to sport as quickly as possible after injury
  5. Conditioning/fitness protocols
  6. Graduated return to sport programmes
  7. Utilising our extensive network of specialists; sport physicians, specialising surgeons, dieticians, sports psychologists and specialist imaging to make sure every angle is covered.