Physiohealth has had a long association with elite swimming dating back to the 80s when directors Justin McEvoy and David Morarty competed at national level.  The combination of this personal competition experience plus over 20 years of involvement in the management of club, state, national and international level swimmers ensure the staff at Physiohealth are the best placed professionals in the state to manage competitive swimmers.  More than half a dozen Physiohealth staff have, and continue to travel with Swimming Australia’s National Teams at major international competitions since the early 2000s.

Justin McEvoy was head physio for the Australian Swim Team at the 2016 Olympics

The physios at Physiohealth are involved in the ongoing management of swimmers in their daily training environment.  This includes injury management, biomechanical analysis and technique correction for performance in consultation with coaches and general maintenance of physical condition.  They also are providers to Swimming Victoria for educational sessions and travelling Sports Physiotherapists for State teams competing both internationally and interstate.

Physiohealth has also been involved with Swimming Australia in the development of a  musckuloskeletal screening tool to assist in identifying physical attributes that may predispose a swimmer to injury, or be a limitation to performance.  Physiotherapists are able to perform this Swimmer’s Screening by appointment at any Physiohealth clinic, but also perform this regularly for clubs at a squad level in consultation with club coaches.  In addition to the traditional screening, Physiohealth has invested in the latest muscle strength testing technology, Kangatech.  With this device we can accurately determine strength deficits in key muscle groups, and compare these results to a database of other athletes to assist with benchmark goal setting.  This will not only lead to improved performance but reducing the risk of injury.

For any further information regarding our swimming services please contact your nearest Physiohealth clinic.