General Neck & Shoulders

Swimmer’s Catch & Pull Exercise
Improve Upper Back Rotation
Scapula Retraction
Improve Your Posture
Scapula Push-Up
Stretch The Chest For Improved Posture
Stretch Your Neck
Shoulder Rehab Exercise
Improve Posture When Seated At A Desk

General Mid & Lower Back

Bridging with Kicking
Improve Your Posture
Treat an Acute Back Injury
Treat Chronic Back Pain

General Hip & Groin

Arabesque (single leg dead lift)
Foam Rolling Your Legs
Eccentric Hamstring Strengthen
Gluteal Activation Exercise
Rotational Gluteal Exercise
Drive Through in Side Lying
Drive Through Exercise
Bridge with Hip Twist
Using Stretchband for Hamstrings
Wall Lifts
Crab Walk Exercise
Neural Slides
Glute & ITB Stretching Using a Foam Roller
Strengthen the Glutes
Stretch the Hip Flexor

General Knees

Foam Rolling Your Legs
Sit To Stand For VMO Strengthening
Eccentric Hamstring Strengthen
Split Leg Squats
Supported Declined Single Leg Squat
Wall Squats
Step Ups
Perform an Incline Single Leg Squat

General Ankle & Feet

Ankle Inversion/Eversion
Heel Raisers
Strengthen Your Ankle After A Lateral Sprain