Improving the playing potential of golfers at every level
We aim to develop you into an athlete that is capable of achieving success; at any level.
We will work with your coach to achieve that success.


  • Enhance your current mechanics
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Injury prevention
  • Targeted golf specific strengthening


  • Enhanced understanding of your player’s limitations
  • Improvement in flexibility to assist with goals
  • Strong multidisciplinary support for your clients

Golf has become a sport in which power, distance and accuracy all play a vital role in improving your game. We all aim to win against the best in the world, our local club competition, and especially our group of friends. Our Golf Performance Enhancement will target your body and the areas you can improve on to play that ‘perfect round’. At PhysioHealth, we will help improve your golf, but more importantly, we will to design a program specifically for you! We want the best out of you, just like you want the best from your physiotherapist. At PhysioHealth, we strive to make that happen.

What you will get:

  • Golf Performance Enhancement Screening
  • Golf Performance Enhancement Summary
  • Golf Performance Enhancement Program
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support

By beginning our Golf Performance Enhancement program, our Physiotherapists will provide you with their knowledge, expertise and ever-updating clinical skills to promote your experience. You will get the ongoing treatment and support that you expect from PhysioHealth. All of this will assist you to achieve maximum performance and results from your golf.

What to bring:

  • Your 6-Iron
  • Your Putter
  • Comfortable athletic clothing

The Golf Performance enhancement screening

After an in-depth discussion, we will begin a detailed screening of your body’s function, including:

  • Current injuries
  • Joint and muscle range of motion
  • Golf specificactions/movements
  • Unilateral differentiation

Throughout your assessment we will look at your swing biomechanics and how they may relate to your current injuries.

How long does it take?

Your personalised Golf Performance Enhancement Screening will take approximately 45 minutes. This enables us sufficient time to perform a detailed screening of your body’s function, discuss your goals, aims, and assess your mechanics. A follow-up appointment will be required to:

  • Summarise your screening findings
  • Further discuss your updated goals
  • Implement a treatment plan
  • Implement hands-on treatment targeting your limitations