Many or our clients own and use a foam roller, or own and don’t use a foam roller, or ask if they should purchase a foam roller. At any good gym you will see foam rollers amongst the many devices lying around.

Foam rollers are an effective and relatively safe way to apply a deep myofascial (muscle and soft tissue) stretch to areas of the body utilising body weight and gravity. They come in full and half-length and in different densities of foam. The foam roller is best applied to large body areas due to their broad application of force

Their most common uses are:

Thoracic Spine.

The muscles of the upper back are particularly susceptible to postural tension which can cause tension on the neck and lead to shoulder pain and headaches . Every office worker or student should regularly lie on and roll over a foam roller to release myofascial tension and relieve postural stress. The long roller can be used longways up the spine or either long or half roller can be used crossways to help correct the rounded posture we all suffer from after prolonged sitting.

Large leg muscles – ITB and quads.

These large muscle groups the quadriceps and iliotibial band (down the outer thigh) develop tension from prolonged posture as well as exercise. They will benefit greatly from rolling under body weight to release the deep muscular tension which builds up.

See below videos as to how to use the roller effectively. During September and October we are running a special on our own branded rollers, so inquire at your local PhysioHealth clinic about purchasing a foam roller today.