Rapid Ascent – Vertical K Mt Donna Buang

Vertical K Mt Donna Buang provides the ultimate test of strength over a vertical kilometre for trail runners and cyclists.

Not for the weak hearted, this epic challenge pitches man and bike against one of the most notable climbs in Australia – Mt Donna Buang.

Trail runners and cyclists will start together in the centre of picturesque Warburton in the Yarra Valley and race independent courses to cross over the same finish line at the lofty mountain summit of ‘Big Donna’, which is over one vertical kilometre above.

Trail runners tackle an off-road trail that starts up Australia’s steepest street before turning into a narrow single track that climbs all the way to the summit. This is certified Vertical K Sky RaceĀ® on a spectacular climb that seems to never end.

Meanwhile cyclists ride up the main sealed road to the summit, passing through tall timber forests on a quiet windy road climb to finish at the same location. The Donna climb is not famous because it’s easy…

Who will win? The trail runners? The cyclists? The mountain? Or the devil inside your head that will tell you to stop (over and over again.)?

Sunday 29 November 2015
Mt Donna Buang, Warburton