At Physiohealth, we have been proud of our association with Nunawading Swim Club over 15 + years.

Our physios have helped to prepare and often accompanied Nunawading Swimmers to National Age and Open championships and, internationally to World Championships , Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

We offer Nunawading Members and their families:

  • Specific expertise of swimming injuries through experience and superior knowledge of swimming biomechanics
  • Effective liaison with Nunawading coaches and gym staff to help in the prevention and management of swimming injuries
  • Proactive screening at a discounted rate (free for some squads) to detect potential weaknesses and help to fine tune individual programs
  • Education sessions for athletes and parents on relevant topics
  • A discount rate of $77 for Nunawading swimmers and families. (For standard treatment, $13 off the regular rate)
  • The provision of an experienced swimming Physio to accompany NSC to Age Nationals

We look forward to strengthening our ongoing relationship

Swimming Physios