Cory is on the couch with our favourite Fit Mum chatting about Race Preparation.

You’ve put in all the hard yards training for your event but how should you structure your lead up to the race to give yourself the best possible chance to smash it!

The week leading up to the event:

•Resist being too enthusiastic – gradually taper off exercise the week leading up to the event

The morning of the event.

•Focus! Get up earlier, get the blood flowing and stretch – this is a good chance to work through any areas that might have been niggly during training.

•Nutrition is extremely important! Remember carb loading isn’t required for 5km or 10km races – don’t vary too much from what you would generally eat and hydration is the key!

For more tips on race preparation and other training areas, check out the PhysioHealth FB Page and The Fit Mum’s FB Page.