Do you experience unwanted pain when riding?
Is your bike set-up right for your body?
Do you want to increase your power and performance during your ride?
Then why not get a review of your bike set-up?

About Us

Our experienced staff at PhysioHealth not only offer you expertise in musculoskeletal conditions but also in assessment screenings for Running, Swimming & Cycling. Each of our Physiotherapists have undertaken or have a variety of skills and knowledge specialising in;

  • Movement analysis
  • Recovery methods
  • Muscle activation technique and correction
  • Bike Screening & Bike Fitting

With our knowledge and experience, we aim to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with the modifications performed on your bike and your are able to achieve your maximal performance in any area.

Cycling Biomechanics

The interaction between the body and machine is a complex one and influenced by many variables.

Riding position directly influences the power that can be produced by the rider, the physiological efficiency, the relative loading of tissues or joints and the resistance caused by wind drag.

Good riding position and technique results from;

  • Bike set-up
  • Body control and movement
  • Awareness of good technique
  • General ‘bike fitness’

The Bike Set-Up Process

We begin with a full body assessment of your current status, including;

  • Current injuries
  • Joint and muscle range of movement

After your assessment, we then perform a riding assessment looking at;

  • Your current bike set-up
  • The overall look of your position on the bike
  • The hip and spine for excessive movement throughout your riding phase

We use a computer generated program (dorsavi) to record movement patterns of your lower back in order to address equal pelvic symmetry when riding.

Adjustments and modifications will then be made to either your;

  • Cleat position
  • Seat height/angle and forward/backward positioning
  • Bar height

We then re-assess your movement patterning on the computer, comparing our initial readings from your pre-modification analysis.

To conclude we re-assess your overall positioning and comfort, provide you with education on correct cycling technique and address any specific exercises to help improve your muscle activation.

Assessment Aims

Each brand of bike is designed with a different sizing chart. When being measured for the correct size you are measured in a size range, never an exact fit.

Why does that matter?

Your bike is set-up according to “standard” guidelines, however this does not take into account any limitations within your body such as;

  • Length discrepancies
  • Shortened muscle length
  • Reduced joint range of movement
  • Reduced correct muscle activation

By having your bike fit by one of our Physiotherapists, we provide you with our knowledge and expertise in movement analysis, body biomechanics and manual handling skills to properly assess your body’s function and to ensure that your bike is fit to suit your body according to our assessment.

This will enable you to achieve your maximal performance appropriate to your style of riding. We can also recommend and provide treatment, education and exercises to prevent and maintain your body’s functional condition.

What to bring
  • Your Bike
  • Cleats (if applicable)
  • Riding gear (Knicks/Bibs)
  • Water bottle

How long does it take?

45min – 1 hour

Your Bike-Fit assessment can be completed at our Williamstown clinic. Please phone the clinic if you wish to find out more information.