Early assessment is vital with football injuries. Trauma type injuries need thorough clinical and radiological evaluation. More chronic soft tissue “niggles ” need biomechanical assessment to determine the cause of the problem so the injury is fixed not just relieved by a band aid measure. Too often footballers put up with niggles that flare up and become chronic due to overload and often right on the eve of finals. At PhysioHealth our physiotherapists have vast experience in football injury management from senior to junior level. Our staff have worked with Western Bulldogs, Williamstown and Coburg in the VFL, St Bernard’s and Old Hailebury in the VAFA , Vermont in the EFL plus a host of other EDFL and WFL teams and junior clubs such as Williamstown JFC and St Bernard’s . All this adds up to experience in quick effective diagnosis, treatment and management back onto the park. We liase closely with the best Sports Medicine Practitioners, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Radiologists in Melbourne and can fast track appointments. This means less time out and better performance for our clients and their teams .