The world’s most advanced injury prevention platform is now available at Physiohealth!

KangaTech has been developed through the application of science in the elite sporting environment over 8 years. It is portable fixed frame dynamometry and software analytics system facilitates high level athlete profiling, monitoring and training unlike any other product on the market. More than 30 isometric, isotonic and eccentric testing and training protocols have been developed to allow more precise management of athletic loads and injury risk.

At Physiohealth, KangaTech enables us to have reliable muscle testing for all our patients, whether they are elite athletes or the weekend warrior. We have previously always been able to identify that there was muscle weakness but never been able to give exact and reliable numerical goals to the client. Now, we can put exact numbers around weakness and set goals needed to achieve, in order to return to activity or sport.

Wireless and Portable Platform with Cloud-based Software
Wireless sensors gather real time force data during test & training sessions & upload to the cloud.

Reliable & Repeatable
Athletes are guided through the testing protocols allowing for reliable & repeatable results.

Automatic Alerts
Key statistics are collected from testing and training with data alerts automatically generated.

Training Summaries
Athlete and team training summaries can be reviewed online or emailed daily.

For our swimmers, footy players, soccer players, golfers and ACL patients, we can compare their results to the normative data for similar athletes or patients in the AFL, EPL and golfers from around the world.



Kangatech is available at our Kew and Footscray clinics. Private health rebates available where applicable.