Biomechanical faults in running technique can not only have an impact on your injury chances but can be a limiting factor in an athlete achieving their maximum efficiency.  A Physiohealth Sports Physiotherapist with an extensive running background can conduct a video analysis of a runner’s technique to identify the contributing factors in the development of certain injuries and inefficient running style.  This is often the key to a runner with going injuries having the capacity to return safely to a running volume they are satisfied with.

The assessment includes video analysis of treadmill running, identifying problems with asymmetry, stride patterns, foot biomechanics, running posture, leg carriage, arm swing and trunk rotation, and shoe advice- among others.  The feedback is instant and strategies to correct any issues can be trialed on the spot.  Suggestions on how to implement these changes for the long term with gradual adjustments safely is vital and can be the difference for a runner wanting to overcome long term injuries or find that extra bit of pace they have been looking for.

For information about running assessments at Physiohealth please contact your closest clinic.