Triathlon is the ultimate modern day sport and it’s ideally suited to Australians and the Australian environment. Triathlon challenges and inspires athletes from the beginner, hoping to cross the finish line, to elite athletes racing their way towards a spot on the Olympic podium! Anyone and everyone can do a triathlon and PhysioHealth love that! Australians, being the sports lovers we are, cannot get enough of this sport! Whether it’s the challenge of conquering three sports in the one go or making a decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

The problem is that sometimes the stress on your body from training, overtraining and pushing it on race day can lead to injury. That’s where we can help. 

PhysioHealth, along with leading triathlon coaches, have developed a unique screening program to identify potential bio-mechanical weaknesses and implement an exercise program to combat them. These programs work well for the weekend warriors, right up to the elite level athletes. Remember “Prevention is better than a cure”.