www.etpa.com.au PhysioHealth, along with leading triathlon coach Mat Tippett from Elite Triathlon Performance Australia (ETPA), have developed a unique screening program to identify potential bio-mechanical weaknesses and implement an exercise program to combat them. Since 2002, Elite Triathlon Performance Australia has transformed itself from a sole trader, operating with a handful of personal clients to a company that employs six staff who coordinate three venues and service approximately 150 athletes. ETPA offers email based training programs, venue based group training programs, online customer interface, online product sales and a well defined triathlon and multisport coaching network with access to the worlds leading specialist providers. The ETPA values of innovation, trust, relationships, and active learning are fundamental to the success of our athletes. ETPA has a long term commitment that we articulate through our vision. “Provide an innovative and well defined coaching network with a belief in learning through activity that has a proven record of success for all athletes.”