www.rocktape.com.au Rocktape is Australia’s number one brand of kinesiology tape.  The quality of their tape is a step ahead of the competition and designed to last through any type of training or activity you can throw at it.  Rocktape comes in a huge range of cool colours and patterns, and three different widths so there is bound to be a tape for everyone.  Rocktape also pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, and have a lot of information available on their website, including over 30 videos of common taping applications.  Rocktape also run half and full day courses teaching practitioners, coaches and athletes how to apply Rocktape to get the most benefit for lots of different regions of the body. Rocktape often partner with PhysioHealth to provide Rocktaping at various events.  Rocktape have even helped PhysioHeatlh to design their own customised logo tape!