The set up of your bike is often the main contributing factor to the development of cycling injuries. In addition to this, a poor alignment or positioning can be the limiting factor to maximum cycling efficiency. If you experienced knee, back or neck pain, and have had trouble with upper or lower limb numbness, these symptoms, among others, could be attributed to an incorrect bike set up.

A Physiohealth bike fit is a dynamic assessment which provides the most functional results for the rider.

A bike fit involves not only a muculo-skeletal assessment of you body but how this integrates with your machine. Adjustments in components such as saddle position, cleats and stem can make all the difference in minimizing undue pressure of vulnerable parts of your body to reduce the likelihood of injury. Achieving the ideal position on the bike can certainly improve pedaling efficiency and aerodynamics.

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Currently, our Bike Fit assessments are only available at the Williamstown clinic. Please phone the clinic to find out more information.

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