Run faster, kick further and stay on the pitch – this class provides an introduction to strength & conditioning within a group environment. The class will incorporate strength, mobility and the development of coordination & movement patterns, with a particular focus on the prevention of hip and knee injuries.

The class is suited for adolescents around 10-16 years participating in field-based sports (soccer, footy, hockey, netball and more). It is valuable for those approaching late-stage rehabilitation for a particular injury, to supplement their individual physiotherapy or as a pathway towards maintenance as their injury resolves:

  • Overuse or load-related injuries (PFPS, MTSS, bone stress injuries)
  • Growth-related conditions (Osgood-Schlatter’s, Severs)
  • Late-stage hip & knee rehabilitation
  • Non-specific low back pain

With a focus on better movement and performance, the class is also valuable for those looking to improve their power and movement in their game, while remaining injury-free. Classes sizes are small, with a maximum of 5 people, ensuring participants receive individual attention during the class.