I had the great opportunity to work with NSWIS at the 2019 Hancock Prospecting Australian Short Course Championships. The team consisted of eight athletes, two coaches, two bio mechanical analysts and one organiser. They arrived in Melbourne two days before the competition in order to train for the race. It was great to meet the swimmers, coaches and practitioners from different states as well as the swimmers who already come to Physiohealth.

 I was involved in a special moment where some of our athletes broke world records in their races.

 One of our athletes Matt Temple won a bronze in the men’s 200m butterfly, a sliver in the men’s 100m butterfly and was the winner of the skins (not an official race but the winner receives a cheque).

 It was a terrific experience to see our athletes receive good results and work in such an awesome team. I look forward to seeing and helping more athletes to reach their goals. 

When I’m not away with this amazing group of swimmers I am a remedial massage therapist treating from our Mount Waverley clinic on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

*The picture looks like I got a medal but Matt just let me wear it.