Flexipillow Contoured Profile Pillows

With your head in the contour and your neck positioned on the raised edge roll,  you are provided with the best therapeutic support and with the ideal posture for correct spinal alignment. These pillows are made from premium memory foam and have adjustable heights, suitable for both back and side sleepers.

Soft Neck Collar

Serves as a reminder to limit cervical flexion. Soft foam collar covered in skin tone stockinette with velcro closure.

Shoulder Pulley

A simple inexpensive device used to help increase range of motion of the shoulder. The webbed door strap allows the shoulder pulley to easily be used in the home, in the clinic or while travelling.

Features :

Webbing strap for easy door placement

Comfortable molded plastic handles

Smooth nylon roller pulley

Posture Medic

Throughout your busy day, you often end up slouching or hunching over without realizing it. This compresses your spine and tightens your chest and neck. Your upper back ends up weaker because it’s not engaged properly. And where does all this lead? Poor posture! And sometimes to pain. Posture Medic helps stabilise your posture by holding your shoulders further back and reminding you to “straighten up”. Wear the Posture Medic to help you develop the habit of straightening your back and shoulders. And you can do this without missing a beat!